What is gdkp?

What is something worth?

Exactly what someone is willing to pay for it.



eons and eons and eons of Dungeons.... 

All loot in BFA is personal loot.

Regulars @ toon.lvl 110

Heroics @ ilvl 305

mythics & regular dungeon @ ilvl 330

heroic dungeon @

mythic dungeon @

In our first two guild bosses, one toon received two 355 pieces.

get tokens for extra roll

IMHO GMs should want their bench to be as highly geared as possible - ESPECIALLY if they don't have a guild run they are committed to.







O board :: loot alternative

1st gdkp raid




V of O

TJ of BH

kara /roll 1

gold is a virtual currency... yet it motivates.  how can we use gold to %practice 1st things first & inclusion?

I was misled when I moved into mai last abode. I've lived in a Buddhist temple and stayed in the most sacred catholic living quarters where I wasn't even allowed to speak with the husband I was in bed with. Not everyone is talkative and that is just fine. It took me by surprise that despite signing a lease, when I used gold to acquire a Violet Spellwing mount my housemate did quantifiable damage to my health by disabling the kitchen and requiring us to cook in the bedroom. So we found an apartment and upon giving notice she convinced her huni to do illegal things that further hurt me physically and were illegal enough that the police had to tell them to stop. That picture of me dressing was not taken with my consent.

In the 90s my underage brother had me on ebay where he sold things he assured me were legal and made a respectable income out of this virtual currency in a game whose name I never even bothered to know. 

Video games had a considerable impact on why my husband is now an ex.

But I've seen the power now that games have over people and I would like to try and use that power to help motivate at-risk populations, specifically those with diabetes.

Diabetes sucks. Inherently, there is a new appreciation for how thin the line is between life and death that gives you new perspective when you are sent home from the hospital with injections for your child that could kill him if he simply cries more than you planned. If ever there was a population worthy of a virtual currency - it's these people.

I want to use my experiences with the gdkp.community to better understand how to adapt the serious fun people are capable of having in a virtual world to make this real world better.

Hurt People Hurt People.

I like banjo music.

How do I use a virtual world to make this real world better?

GoGo Don't Kill Daegory Gene by 2020 for NICH@OHSU and child care providers.