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---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Doc Ventur 
Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 10:20 AM
Subject: Halloween 2018 deadline

Rachel needed a supervisor's help to give me my children's lawyer's name.

The request still denied by Rachel is for doctors' and counsellors' contact information for this vettable parent estranged for reporting domestic physical violence in a certified child care while actively recovering from a "catastrophic reaction" to a drug my doctor gave me, diagnosed with "somatic symptom disorder" by DHS and put on the streets of Portland where I LIVED at the SOS shelter and later Simonka's Place. "Mestinon" this spring fixed the "somatic symptom disorder". 

Refusing to believe me doesn't make ME the bad guy. #metoo

My "demand" is for one way communication that I can send to the doctors and counsellors for ALL THREE of my children.

My only threat is to tell a truth-full story, but I would prefer to skip the story and get back to growinggenkiness.me with my children.

For Halloween I am releasing gdkp.org@gmail.com to my son and these news organizations PROBABLY have emails from that account... or perhaps from the vavongeist@gmail.com I created after thinking you were there to help me.

SOMEONE between now and Halloween will help me figure out how to give Gregory PICTURES of FOND MEMORIES we developed during my mother's hurricane.

Remember, if you had believed me, you would have helped her, too.

There are no bad guys in this story. Just us HuMans.