MGMT 299 MSO: Special studies spst: MS Software proficiency





week 1 :: word

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week 2 :: power point

  • Word #1 Post-test
  • Word #2 Post-test
  • Word Guided Project
  • Word Independent Project
  • Word Practice Exam
  • Word Exam






  • Word #1 Post-test
  • Word Practice Exam
  • Powerpoint #1 Post-test
  • Powerpoint Practice ExWam
  • Word #2 Post-test
  • Word Independent Project
  • Word Exam
  • Word Guided Project
  • PowerPoint Exam
  • PowerPoint Guided Project

Weeks 1-2

Having a weirdly hard time getting comfortable with Simnet. Took the "practice" test (got a 78%?) instead of the "pre" test. Was weird that they cycled through a second time in the same sitting so underestimated effort and truly didn't know a few things the first time so certainly didn't know it the 2nd. Got a 90% on the pre-test, so probably learned something taking the wrong test. Don't know if it's worth bothering the prof to reset a test, so waiting til I learn more til I expose my mistake. Was excited after spending way too much time in tests to finally get to the lesson. Took too long finding the lesson again today to get lesson work done, but did find it so should be fine for tomorrow. The freedom on this class was helpful, hoping I don't burn myself by finding myself this close to the deadline and still learning how to get to my work quick enough to complete it.



'So What?' Assignment #1


 Due July 8 at 11:59 PM

 Starts Jun 22, 2018 9:00 AMEnds Jul 15, 2018 11:59 PM

‘So What?’ Assignment #1: Word & PowerPoint

This is an independent assignment meaning that you may not collaborate with a friend.  If you talk together about the assignment and brainstorm ideas, you must be sure that what you turn in is yours and yours alone.  You must cite ideas that come from others – even if you are not quoting them. Do not present an idea as your own, if it is not. When you upload your assignment to D2L Assignments you are stating that the work is your own.

After watching the videos associated with the first section of the course and completing the SIMnet assignments, please respond to the following questions that are used to assess your higher-level thinking about issues of communicating information. This assignment asks you to move beyond rote tasks and consider why you are learning these technical skills.

1. (50 points) Provide an example where you have watched a presentation that looked slick, but you couldn't understand the message.  Next, tell me what the below story brings up for you?  Do you feel ready for the work that will be asked of you upon graduation?  Why/Why not?  Max response 4 paragraphs.

A recent PSU Business School graduate who concentrated in finance was hired at an international investment bank in NYC as an internal consultant. When he returned to PSU to give a talk to undergraduates he said "I had no idea how much time I was going to spend, as a finance grad, working in Powerpoint.  I hated my boss for the first year. I never sent him a single deck that he didn’t return. I finally figured out that he wanted me to dig deeper, not make the slides prettier.  He wanted my analysis, my insight, not pretty fonts and animations. Once I figured that out, I stopped getting the decks returned and I felt like I had arrived!" 

2. (50 points) Jeff Bezos of Amazon requires new ideas be written as 6-page narratives. Read this article and then select two of the arguments for adopting narratives rather than using slide-decks and argue why you agree or disagree. In doing this you should aim for a single paragraph on each point, and make your argument persuasive.