i.am taking a common sense approach to this educational project after doing time at SOS because I successfully obtained a restraining order in Marion county to protect my children in my business of 20 years but was experiencing a 'catastrophic reaction' to Lupron bad enough to put me in the ICU.

i.am documenting LIPSCHITZ.

i.am growing genkiness using DHS's child care certification program for Grandma Cinderella.

i.am growing genkiness GREAT & GRAND using BSA's Eagle scout program for GREAT GRAND scouts.

i.am generating Generations using Angular, MaterializeCSS, & Google for DKDG.


ai = kanji for love

gdkp = gold dragon kill points

i.am getting my phd in gdkp at pdx.edu by 2030 or will die trying!



it is reasonable for me to post screen shots of my screen with a date and time of public websites.

it is reasonable for me to temporarily use heavily watermarked images for brainstorming purposes. 'infringements' are unintentional and mistakes will be corrected.

cropped screenshots need to minimalize the advertisement and maximize the attribution.

i consider this my dashboard. My intentions of posting a public link in a public place is so that I can access it from where *I* am. I hope to go to genki-efforts (reasonble/healthy+ a bit more) to respect mai.pplz.

i.am certainly willing to advertise images until i either purchase or replace them.  getty images cost $10 each. i have bought some and will buy more this year. it's expensive... i can mage legible ENOUGH images. Getty is part of a system i want to support so i consider buying the images on par with tipping the waiter.


i.am %pre huni-m00ning w mai.huni

i will propose to mai.huni on 2.29.2020

est. circa Book of Eli 2010




<3 getting my phd @ pdx.edu in gdkp <3 or i'll die trying <3

using virtual gold to teach RL inclusion

inclusion = the best way to proactively make it easier for victims of bullying to bypass their obstacles and be genki.

having spent most my life genki.enough - when you ai (love) enough... it feels good to share whether the grow-er or grow-ee.

 healthy places (genki-ya) allow a reprieve to the weary and launch pad to the ready.

i have spent 20 years growing a professional genki-ya and ai'm ready to grow it online now to fill the gaps i tripped on.

learn better :: do better

ai've never met someone ai didn't eventually like so i give everyone that benefit of any doubt.