2015 Grandma Cinderella started to address domestic violence in a certified child care by creating a versatile curriculum called Growing Genkiness that can be adapted for crisis management to general life-long progression. Confused by why “abuse awareness training” couldn’t be required for an adult living in the child care I certified and accused of violence against children to a magnitude requiring intervention from NICH@OHSU. Obtained a restraining order against that adult and was evicted for appropriately reporting what I was legally and morally required to report. Ended up in the ICU when the restraining order was lifted after my mother testified she saw me ‘turn around and dramatically sit down’ even though she has told people since then that she was not there for the incident. Evicted after being required to home my ex-husband who had spent time in the psych hospital for threatening to kill me and our children. Lived at the SOS shelter downtown Portland, OR and Simonka’s Place in Salem, OR. Rented 1/4 of a home & cooked in my bedroom only to be threatened and harassed to a magnitude that it took until 9/11 to recover because you shouldn’t give 30 days notice to a drug house.

9/18 contacted ombudsman.

9/12/18 refused contact information for children’s doctors and counsellors.